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The ART Space is an independent counselling and coaching community that recognises the challenges that both individuals and couples face during fertility treatment.

I met the incredible Suellen mid-way through 2017 and our discussions kicked off with an insight into fertility treatment, the type of work she does and unearthing what kind of brand she wanted to create. I learned that the brand we were creating needed to be nurturing, supportive, unbiased, grounding, knowledgeable, and understanding - among other things.

The ART Space [ART = assisted reproductive treatment] offers services with a particularly sensitive nature and a vast target market, so there was a lot more detail to cover in the evolution of this project than most. Thorough consideration was given to shapes and colours to rule out suggestions of wombs, eggs, sperm, babies, pregnancy, death, loss and more. Even the 'R' in 'ART' needed to avoid being interpreted as a pregnant belly.

The lettering within the logo is a custom, connected representation of a journey. The colour palette is strong and modern but balanced with a softer secondary palette.



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