Block 275 Cold Pressed Oil

Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design | Block 275 Branding

Block 275 is an upcoming family business that produces Cold Pressed Canola Oil in Eradu, Western Australia. They were motivated to start the business to ensure the sustainability of their small farm by value-adding to the produce they grow, and to diversify their farming operation so that they’re not reliant on grain prices or the weather.

The goal for this project was to create an identity that reflects the business values, vision and position in the market place. We created a minimal and modern brand logo to promote the handmade vibe and point out the luxury in simplicity. The mix of the straight and organic lines of the logo reflect the shape of the actual block of land, and we used it to create a clean and sophisticated mark.

Services: Branding and business cards.

Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design Portfolio — Block 275.jpg