Seasons of Business

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It's currently autumn in Melbourne, and I've decided that it really is my favourite time of year. Having recently moved house, I now live in an area with parks full of orange-leafed oak trees and the river, and I'm a better person when I'm out amongst it.

This big seasonal shift seems so physically obvious in the transition from summer to autumn, more so than any other seasonal change. I like the idea of seasons of the year associated with seasons of life, and how this flows through into seasons of business.

While the idea of seasonal business isn't a new concept, it's one that affects all of us perpetually and one that we can take comfort in. We can make every effort to drive our businesses forward, ignoring this idea of seasonal changes in life and business. And in reality, it's unreasonable to think that we can be in a phase of growth year-round. By acknowledging the varying phases and changes, we're embracing what's naturally-occurring and inevitable. It's ok to be dormant, to be establishing, to have a few little hiccups and abnormalities along the way too.

We are coming off the back of a season of harvest, with a really busy start to 2018. It's been wonderful working with inspiring brands and motivated individuals to bring big new ideas to life. Now, its time to look to the future and what might be next—whether that be new offerings, revised services, perhaps even a product. And most importantly, we're checking in to acknowledge this transition—part of the change that can often be skipped over as we get caught up moving from one to another.

As we approach winter, we'll be looking to plant those ideas and nurture them to life, which will be done with a combination of travel, rest and new experiences.

Nothing lasts forever and in the slower seasons, knowing that keeps me motivated. By embracing these natural cycles it all seems a lot less serious.