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Graphic Design • Branding • Marketing



We create unique identities that are perfect for now but have longevity into the future too,
communicating the essence of your brand directly to your ideal clients.

We offer personalised, one-on-one creative services that are simple but practical from start to finish.




Brand Design is about creating a solid foundation and working from the ground up.

We’ll start by getting clear on the mission and qualities of your business to create a complete brand identity that goes beyond a logo. It’ll fully support your ideas and plans, and be in line with the way you want to engage with your customers.


The Brand Design Process


Online questionnaire with a follow-up phone call.
⇢ We want to learn about the vision, values and goals of your business.
⇢ We’ll flesh out your strengths, desired target market and competition.

Creative direction
⇢ Mood board to help form the visual direction.
⇢ Colour palette to represent your style.
⇢ Font selections to reflect the vibe of your business.

Our seamless process includes clear communication and regular check-ins.


Logo design
⇢ 3x custom logo concepts to choose from.
⇢ Up to 2x rounds of refinement.

Secondary logo
⇢ Alternative format of main logo [i.e. horizontal / vertical].
⇢ Up to 1x rounds of refinement.
⇢ 3x custom logo concepts to choose from.

Style guide
⇢ A PDF booklet presenting all parts of your brand identity - logos, mood board, colours and fonts - with guidelines for use.


File delivery with all logos setup.
⇢ Handed over in EPS, PNG and JPG formats.

File format guide so you know how to use your logos [and what the above formats mean]!


6 weeks



Website Design

Your website should be your hardest working [and best looking] employee.

It will be a powerful communication tool that’s easy to update and edit as you need. Whether it’s a basic site / e-Commerce / blog, we can help.

We prefer to use the Squarespace platform to create and customise your website.


The Website Design Process


Online questionnaire to learn about your business, with a phone call to follow up.
⇢ We will consider the type of website that will best work for you and your brand.
⇢ We’ll get clear on the purpose and function of your website, so it aligns with your end goal.

Site map
⇢ We’ll work out what goes where.
⇢ Types of pages we need to be working with [i.e. about / contact / services].
⇢ Links or special functions [i.e. forms, buttons, pop-ups].

Our seamless process includes clear communication and regular check-ins.


Initial design of your site using provided images and text.
⇢ 3 pages of site designed to lock down the style and format.
⇢ Up to 2x rounds of refinement.

Remaining pages to be completed, following your chosen style.
⇢ Up to 2x rounds of refinement.

Private access so no-one else will see our changes.


Site testing on different browsers and mobile, to make sure your customers are having a consistent experience on whichever device they’re using.

Tutorial videos made using your actual site to show you how to update and make changes yourself.

Not Included

⇢ We’ll setup your website and when it’s completed you’ll need to purchase and manage your Squarespace membership separately.
⇢ If we’re working on a store within your site, we’ll setup 3 product pages and show you how to complete the rest.
⇢ We don’t offer web development services for platforms other than Squarespace, but we can recommend some great people who do.


6 weeks


Pricing & Services Guide


Other Services


Branding and Website Design are our main services, but we realise that it often requires more than that to create a full and unique brand experience.

We offer supporting collateral including packaging, stationery, marketing material, social media assets, signage, etc.

Download the guide for more details or contact us.

If you have a completely wacky, out-there idea that may not fit into the above service offerings, we'd love to hear about it! Custom projects are a thing.