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Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design - Georgie McKenzie

Georgie's Picks


Behind the Brand

A really lively, interesting interview-style podcast about branding, design, small business - hosted by the lovely Kelsey Kerslake.


Let it Out
with Katie Dalebout

Lots of these episodes go for around 2 hours so you've gotta be geared up properly for listening - but content is awesome and Katie is a great interviewer. Topics include wellness, spirituality, doing good in the world and sharing the love. 


The Black Tapes

A fictional podcast about ghosts, demons and mystery. It's set up like a research podcast [perhaps a little bit Serial-esque], a lil' bit fake but entertaining nonetheless!


Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design - Georgia Batson

Georgia's Picks


Goal Digger

 You hear from lots of great designers and their journeys.


The Deeply
Graphic DesignCast

This is a really great design resource, which gives you heaps of practical advice you can use as a designer.


Hamish and Andy

To keep me sane and laughing for hours.