Marketing in May

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Our major focus for the month of May was marketing - everything concerned with promoting ourselves and our services.

The middle months of the year are often quiet for our business, and we were determined not to take it lying down this time ‘round. We put efforts into sharing more about ourselves and our work, with an approach that shared our brand without being overly 'salesy'.

Like anything, consistency is key, and in this case, it was imperative to executing a strong campaign [even if we were the only ones who really knew about it].

We made sure that all of our portfolio work and related information was appearing in the same way and across all of our platforms. This meant that we were tapping into our audience with the same impactful message, and also presenting cohesively to anyone who didn’t already know our brand.

We believe in honesty so we'll let you in on our plan of attack, how we applied that to each of our platforms, marketing secrets and our results.



We gathered around the table, oversized sketchbook and markers in hand, and started from the beginning.

⤏ We planned out our goals and what we wanted to achieve. 

⤏ We looked at all of our current media and marketing platforms, and researched other options.

⤏ We looked at the content that needed to be shared [that we’d already created but hadn’t yet exposed].

⤏ We created mini themes for each week.

⤏ We made sure all of this tied back into serving our ideal customer and target market.

Asana is our project management tool, so we created a content calendar within Asana that outlined weekly topics and content, and broke down each part into actionable steps, and assigned responsibility to make it happen.

We run a weekly marketing meeting and in these meetings, we checked in with the schedule and tasks, making sure we were on track. Operating as a team was crucial to this all coming together, to keep up momentum and make sure everything rolled out as planned.



The website


As we say, ‘a website should be your best looking and hardest working employee'. And frankly, this employee needed a kick up the butt. 

The main purpose of our website is to explain our services, show what we do and who we are. We use the portfolio to show off finished work [which also helps explain what we do], and blog about the process behind-the-scenes.

We were sitting on a lot of project work that hadn’t been shared to the portfolio, and had plenty more blog posts that needed to be written [these are a lot more hefty].

Our schedule for May included 1 new project on the portfolio per week, with a correlating blog post plus a written topic blog post that’s useful to our our ideal customer. Then, we promoted each of these posts across our social media platforms.





Instagram is easily our biggest and best social media platform, and we definitely saw things pick up this month.

Our Instagram strategy is pretty simple - be consistent in all areas. We put effort into posting at similar times of day [and number of times per day], created imagery that represents us properly [but also looks good together], and our wrote short and sweet captions.

As a creative agency, we have so many different projects to show off and for us, Instagram is perfect for that. Our profile always has pops of greenery [photos we took, not done-to-death stock photos], our design projects, blog posts as well as things we see day-to-day [aka real life!].


For the roll out of a new project on the portfolio, we'd promote it 3 times - on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

⤏ Monday - we'd share the project banner image (final logo outcome) and announce the blog post.

⤏ Wednesday - we'd share some of the developmental stuff - sketches, concepts etc.

⤏ Friday - we'd show the final album - all final outcomes and mockups. 





We love Pinterest and use it from one end of our design process to the other! We start in the research phase - to gather ideas and inspiration, and get the creative juices a’flowing. Then, once we’ve finalised our own design work, we share it on Pinterest to use to inspire others, and show off our work.

On Pinterest, we have a dedicated board to pin images of our work, as well as a separate 'social' board where all our Instagram pics automatically upload.

Our strategy around Pinterest was fairly basic - we made sure that all of our images had been pinned from our portfolio and website.

We looked into Pinterest promotional apps but they didn’t seem right for us [and there may have been a little hesitation to battle away with learning another app].





We've only recently started using LinkedIn as a marketing platform, but it really is a great way to connect with a different audience. We started using LinkedIn more consciously to share our work, and encourage visits to our website. We shared articles about our latest blog posts and new projects.





Facebook ... probably our least favourite 'f' word. We're constantly torn between ditching our business page or giving a red hot go. 

Up until this point we've done nothing more than share a few pics, and that’s generally done via automatic sharing on Instagram. We're the first to admit we've neglected our page, but we're not convinced that that's where our target market lies. 

In every other aspect of marketing, it’s important to be totally in or totally out. A favourite quote comes to mind, “Don’t half-arse everything. Use your whole arse.” And with Facebook we have not been taking our own advice. The jury’s still out [or rather, maybe we’re still trying to find the jury] … we’ll update you on what we decide to do!



The juicy bit ...

What worked:

  • Setting goals.
  • Having a plan and sticking to it.
  • Consistency.
  • Repurposing content where appropriate.
  • Using a scheduling app for your social media accounts.

What didn’t:

  • Even though we’re just starting, we haven’t had many rewards from LinkedIn.
  • Facebook. Meh.
  • Maintaining the rhythm in June. Lots of reasons why things went a little off-course, but it really takes a lot of energy and organisation to keep it up. It will be interesting to see how the results shape up next month!


Actual results

Even more juicy ... 


Followers: 846 to 1071 = increase of 225
Likes: 1,900 to 5,200 = increase of 3,300
Average likes per post: 86 to 113.9 = increase of 28



Followers: 60 to 62 = increase of 2



[just established so not enough data for comparison]



Unique visitors: 102 to 173 = increase of 71
Page views: 370 to 640 = increase of 270


What’s next

We know this post is a hefty one, so we have a part 2 about in-person marketing efforts, as well as the apps and programs we use to make all of this happen!

We'd love to know what you're up to in your marketing efforts - send us an email. Or let us know what you're stuggling with and we'll offer you some feedback and advice.