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I studied psychology at high school, and I'll never forget this concept:

Colour exists only when light hits it and reflects into our eyes.

If there is no light, there is no colour.

Yes, I love that.

Since colour is such an integral part of our lives, our brands, our homes, our clothing, it's fun to explore trends and styles, combinations and conflicts. By understanding colour and the way it can alter our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we can use it with an educated advantage.

Think of your first experience with colour.

It likely took the form of a stuffed toy, a patchwork quilt, fresh fruit, a storybook. The colours were simple, bright, and maybe came together to build bold patterns.

You might have described different shades of red as dark red or light red.

Think of your experiences with colour now.

Through life, learning and finding our preferences, our thoughts around colour are so much more evolved. While obviously we still have things like bright, fresh fruit in our day-to-day lives, we can be more specific with the way we think about its appearance.

We might use descriptive words like scarlet, ruby, or maroon to explain our encounter in a more pin-pointed way.

I'd like to share with you a playful research of colour. Starting with a really fun one ...


Like any normal adult, I head to Wikipedia for the basis of my research (and I know I'm not alone there ... here's looking at you).

Iridescence is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. Examples of iridescence include soap bubbles, butterfly wings and sea shells, as well as certain minerals.

I've been working on a project lately where we explored holographic textures and colour, and coincidentally or not I kept noticing it all around the place.

So here we are, and I wanted to do a little creative exploration based on iridescence.

Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design | Blog | Colour Study | Iridescence

Perhaps the only time iridescence isn't cool is this ...



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And if you have any questions about colour and using it to your advantage, let me know!

- Georgie

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