A look back at our favourite logos

We thought it would be fun this week to take a look back at some of the logos we've created over time. There are a lot of businesses and individuals that we've worked with, and its actually really interesting to see our collection of logos specifically, all on one place.

Hotbox Yoga


When head yogi Andrea contacted us about re-branding, we knew that we needed to bring a sense of organic style, sophistication and uniqueness. The full rebrand included a brand new logo and brand style that trickled out across collateral like business cards, schedule cards poster templates, a new website and miscellaneous items like a scan tag key rings and exterior signage.

Hotbox Yoga is no longer a running business, but we still love the logo and how the final outcome turned out.


In Light Yoga Retreats


We'd worked with Monica Aurora on a couple of projects in the past, and this was a real delight to bring together - it's a major advantage when you have an understanding of how each person operates and what motivated them! 

As you probably know, we totally love anything related to wellness and specifically yoga, so creating a mandala-inspired logo for a series of yoga retreats was a real joy.

We experimented with handmade styles and organic shapes, but settled on this clean and sophisticated logo.


En Pointe Events


Kate and Rocco are the duo behind En Pointe Events. Having both worked in multiple businesses across the events scene in Melbourne, they were organised, eager and ready to produce En Pointe work that pushes boundaries, has classic style, is charismatic, thoughtful, meticulously planned - and most importantly, makes the client happy.

Once the overall design had been decided on, we started experimenting with colour, pattern and texture to bring their identity full circle. Royal blues, greens and gold were dominant in the colour palette. Rather than going to heavy on texture, we moved in the direction of a subtle geometric gradient pattern, that livens the logo but also allows it to speak for itself.


Cilk Rose Extract


Cilk rose extract is crafted in small batches from hand-selected certified organic roses, enhanced by light floral notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a creamy hint of pure vanilla, embodying the perfect balance of botanicals left lingering on the palate.

A clear vision for style and sophistication inspired the branding and development of Cilk. The project encompassed all areas of the brand, from packaging, collateral and web design, which meant we were able to have full control and dedicate the attention to detail that this inspiring brand deserved.


Big Wheel Toys


Big Wheel Toys is a toy supplier in Melbourne, and the creation of this logo was a really fun one.

We created the wheel from scratch, and as you can see it bears imperfections [the wires leading to the centre point] - this was done intentionally to add a level of uniqueness, so as to not look like a generic illustration.


Equip Physiotheraphy & Pilates


Equip Physiotherapy and Pilates is a private physiotherapy practice providing high quality, hands-on service, covering a wide range of health and wellbeing issues.

The goal for this project was to create an identity that reflects the business values, vision and position in the market place. We created a modern brand identity to promote the feeling of confidence and professionalism. The purple tones and organic shapes of the logo reflect the calming nature of the brand, making it friendly to clients of all ages. This design style was applied across all medias to ensure brand consistency. 


Little Webb Photography


Little Webb Photography is a new and upcoming small business started by Amy Webb.

Amy wanted a logo that was clear and simple and that would work well as a watermark over her photos. Her last name being Webb, Amy was keen to draw inspiration from this visually, which allowed us to come up with some really fun and fresh ideas.


Reformation Pilates


Reformation Pilates Studio is a new fitness studio based at the newly renovated, reinvigorated Eastland Shopping Centre.

We'd worked with Andrea from Reformation on a previous project - Hotbox Yoga! This project went through many different iterations, including name changes - as you can see below. However, the ideals and objectives remained the same, and the name 'Reformation' just felt right.

Andrea had a fairly clear idea of what she was after - and we happily obliged to lead the design with geometric shapes, clean typography and a sophisticated end result.


World in a Bite


World in a Bite is a new business for foodies. It brings together great foods, spices and recipes from all around the world and delivers them to your door via a subscription service.

The goal for this branding project was to create something playful and vibrant to reflect the vision and overall style of the business. Our end goal was the image of customers receiving their delivery, and helping it be a really fun experience that's completely unique from other food subscription services out there [some of them are so drab!].

Sutasinee was seriously passionate about the logo being free, relaxed, unique, unrestricted and energetic. We avoided actual fonts and created hand-drawn versions ourselves. Same with the shapes. There’s a texture in the line work and nothing is too perfect


Block 275


Block 275 is an upcoming family business that produces Cold Pressed Canola Oil in Eradu, Western Australia. They were motivated to start the business to ensure the sustainability of their small farm by value-adding to the produce they grow, and to diversify their farming operation so that they’re not reliant on grain prices or the weather.

The goal for this project was to create an identity that reflects the business values, vision and position in the market place. We created a minimal and modern brand logo to promote the handmade vibe and point out the luxury in simplicity. The mix of the straight and organic lines of the logo reflect the shape of the actual block of land, and we used it to create a clean and sophisticated mark.