Getting back to work after taking time off

Getting back to work after time off | Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design

Now we’re all starting to get back into the swing of ‘working life’ (as opposed to frolicking on the beach, taking spontaneous road trips across the country and slinking from one day to another without knowing which days are weekends and weekdays), it can be a bit hard to keep your cool and find somewhere to start.

1. Eat the frog.

The first day can be tough. You’re tired, a bit depresso and not sure where to begin. Start from the beginning with a full list of every little thing you can think that needs doing, whether that’s admin-type tasks, self-promotion, client calls or actually doing client work.

Go through and number the top 3 tasks, starting with the biggest or most complex job first. You might want to set a timer or alarm to add a little pressure and help stave off procrastination. Once this first job is done, you’ve got the most involved task out of the way and can work on getting through the rest of the list.

2. Delegate.

As much as you can. Enough said.

3. If it’s quiet, get busy on internal stuff.

If you’re hearing crickets, do. not. stress. Enjoy this time while your clients or customers are still on their break. Use it to work on internal jobs, like getting organised, refreshing your website, sorting your filing system or having a good throw out of accumulated junk. Check out our previous series, Tips for Simplifying Your Business for a New Year for some ideas.

Getting back to work after time off | Georgie McKenzie Graphic Design | Blogging

4. Enjoy being able to finish up early.

If you’ve eaten the frog, delegated 90% of your tasks, and sorted your filing system to within an inch of its life, don’t feel guilty about meeting a friend for a long lunch or finishing up early. There will be a time later in the year when this just won’t be an option, so make the most of it now.

5. Tidy up loose ends.

If there are things in progress from before the break, are you able to advance any further on them yourself?

6. Let your clients know you’re back.

This may seem obvious, but if your clients don’t know you’re back they might be waiting to hear from you first. Send a quick note to say hello and let them know you’re around and ready to get cracking.

It can be tough getting back into work and routine, but having to put our social and personal lives aside to do the work means that we can really enjoy the breaks when we get the chance to take them.

- Georgie.