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Tomorrow we begin a two week break and, look, as much as well all love our jobs, its so dang nice to have a break. Its summer here in Melbourne and we're going to be taking it really easy.

In an effort to get organised for 2016, we've trimmed the fat on our collection of blogs (it can get outta control). Here's a roundup of ones that have made the cut. Some summertime reading for you, enjoy!


As designers, its obviously important to keep up with trends, styles and standards. These blogs are curated sites that highlight excellent work across the field of design and across the world.


"Comparison is the thief of joy." True. But we definitely believe in keeping in touch with our peers and seeing what they've been up to as well.


These guys have motivational and insightful posts on a whole range of topics like social media, time management and creating systems for your business. Trés helpful.


Take your time sifting through these - they're insightful, well considered, sometimes 'deep' and even a bit spiritual.

Visual Inspiration

Put on the tunes and feast your eyes.


Yes, only 1 lil' blog made the cut - but their posts are meaty visual goodness.

Yellowtrace Blog

Georgie McKenzie