The unveiling of the blog ...

By blogging, I aim to present a point of opinion, some background info on myself to keep it all relevant, share what I’ve been working on and how I do what I do.

To begin with though, I thought I’d start with something light and fun - 10 things about me.

  1. I grew up on a farm in Western Victoria and went to boarding school when I was 16.  At the time, I was so angry with my parents for sending me there. Ironically, my 2 best friends are girls I met in the boarding house.
  2. I learned German all through school, from Prep to Year 12 but have barely used it since. German food is my favourite.

  3. I’ve never broken a bone (touch wood).

  4. I wear glasses 100% of the time I’m looking at the computer … otherwise, I don’t really wear them.

  5. I spent 4 months backpacking around Brazil, Canada and America by myself when I was 25. I had no real plan and travelled from place to place whenever I felt like it. Sweet freedom.

  6. I love painting my nails. I paint them probably twice a week and can’t stand when they chip. I also love picking off the nail polish, it's therapeutic.

  7. I’ve visited all of Australia’s capital cities (there are 7).

  8. I like to drink a strong, ¾ full latte but only drink 2 or 3 per week.

  9. I never work on my birthday.

  10. I’m left handed but do everything else with my right (play tennis, hockey). I’m ambidextrous with cutlery and switch from side to side (makes setting the table kinda difficult to remember what goes where!)