The Studio


Our little, independent design studio launched in 2013 motivated by a desire to create genuine relationships with clients who are on a similar wavelength, to work on complete projects from start-to-finish and maintain relationships long after the initial collaboration.



Georgie's Profile

I love working with people who are using their skills and passions to grow a business. My style is uncomplicated, organic, practical, typographic, with clean lines. Before working independently I worked in corporate and small businesses as an in-house graphic and web designer, marketer, stylist and brand manager.

As a kid, my brother and I built Lego houses, and I’d cook and have crafternoons with my sister. When I was alone I’d be scribbling out my own versions of the alphabet. 

Design was there from the start. 

We grew up on a farm in country Victoria; it’s so beautiful there. I moved to Melbourne for uni and I adore everything about this fine city, though getting back to the country puts things into perspective.

Talented Collaborators

Other fabulous designers



Web developers


Marketing specialists


Event organisers

Trademark & IP lawyers



About You

○ You’re like-minded and open-minded.

○ You’re in it for good not evil, and believe wholeheartedly in the work you do.

○ You’re giving your customers something that makes their lifestyle easier, better or happier.

○ You’re starting out small or have a growing established business.

○ You’re using your skills and passions to provide a meaningful offering.

About US

○ We offer personalised, 1:1 creative services that are simple and practical.

○ We know you’re busy, so we've created services and processes that make our journey together an easy and simple one. We deliver our expertise calmly and casually.

○ We create branding that’s unique to your business, connecting and building trust with your customers — setting you apart from your competition.

○ We keep things clean, clear and relevant, and have a knack to strip back the layers and create with necessity.

○ We don’t cover every single aspect of design, but choose to work within our expertise.